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Step 3: Make your tutorial page visible and easily accessible at all times. We suggest adding a “Start a Blog” tab to the toolbar or a banner to the sidebar. You will be amazed at how well your readers respond to this!

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If you have any questions at all, or need help gathering the how-to photos, please email us at

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Duplicate Content

In a perfect world there would be only one version of every document but in real life this is not true. A great example is online versions of newspaper sites. In one form or another they all publish exactly or close to the same information about events and facts.

This also applies to many other areas, say, recipes, fitness programs, diet programs, definitions, explanations and many others.

Search engines can penalize a sites ranking if it looks as though content has been taken from another site. However, these sites do sit in index and even rank very well. How can this be? Does it mean there are no filters?

Filters exist, but they are in a primitive form

Search Engine’s need lots of resources to check the entire internet. Therefore, engines use simple forms to uncover duplicate content.


The most common pattern is links. In general engines check between two linked sites for duplicate pages/content. If they exist, then engines try to get rid of the duplicate – usually the one who links to the source site.

How does this work?

If website B (healthy news) republished an article from site A (health research institute) and puts a link from B to A for reference, search engines understands that site A is the original source and the site B has copied it. Site B is seen as dupe content website.

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How to Turn a Template into Your Website

Downloading and extracting the template

Select the template you like and save to your desktop, using right mouse click and then Save Target As… on the link Click here to download. In FireFox program it’s called Save Link As.

This will open a standard Save As window, where you can select a place on your computer for saving this file. Save the file on your desktop or any folder you like. In this example, we created a folder on the desktop named mytemplates and will our work in there.

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How to sell my website

Discover how to write copy that sells

It doesn’t matter how fancy and high tech your site is, good looking graphics will not make you sales. Many online marketers make the mistake of putting too much time and energy into the design of their site, and not enough into writing effective sales copy. Producing a site that is both professional looking and credible is a major factor in selling online, but if your sales copy is not working, you will not make money.

Writing effective sales copy is an art. Good copy writers have learned how to produce persuasive text targeted towards their particular audience. You really need to understand your customers’ needs and produce copy that projects emotion, passion, excitement and benefit.

Selling is also about enthusiasm, and projecting that on to your target audience. Being excited about the product will shine through, so avoid dry, over formal copy and let your passion for the subject show.


The following is a tried and tested formula for writing effective sales copy, keep this in mind while planning your copy’s beginning, middle and end.

A – Attention – Use a powerful headline that demands attention
I – Interest – Intrigue interest and create curiosity
D – Detail – Provide details about your product or service
A – Action – Call for action

Begin writing your copy in black easily readable font with a light background. Complicated fonts and dark backgrounds will make your copy difficult to read and will put off your visitor. Avoid using fancy fonts or backgrounds that will make your text difficult to read. Write in small blocks of text with a space between each block. There is nothing that will make your visitor click away faster than a sea of text – so make sure you use plenty of white space (see the MN guide on formatting articles effectively)

Selling and Emotion

The importance of emotion needs to be fully understood before embarking on a successful copy writing project. It is a sales cliché that customers buy benefits and not features. This is only partly true. To take the theory a little deeper, people buy because of how those benefits will make them feel. So it is emotion that is key to writing effective copy that sells.

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Web Strategies

This section will provide you with couple of strategies for growing and improving your affiliate businesses from few hundreds into tens of thousands of dollars a month using websites and search engine optimization.

As In any business it is important to have strategy. The same applies to affiliate marketing since it is your business and has to be treated like business.

Each has own strengths and weaknesses, that’s why we’re stepping in and providing your with couple strategies to use separately or in one big marketing mix to ensure growth and stability of your affiliate business with MoreNiche.

Before you start to apply these strategies it’s important that you have already decent understanding about websites, hosting and other basic elements of web else we advice to read MoreNiche guides located in webmaster area.

Strategy: “Blogs”

Very simple but yet effective strategy is blogging. Blogging is good from couple of aspects, like:

  • Blogs are free to create
  • There are many different blogging services to use with different and very flexible features;
  • Very important – blogs are search engine friendly content management systems (CMS) that can achieve high rankings in search engines even without knowing much about technical aspects of search engine optimization.

Here are few examples on what to write blogs:

  • Blogs can be used to create diary about ones progress using some enlargement method. By posting different feelings, aspects, pictures, can create an interaction with audience
  • Another solution is using MoreNiche’s content articles and using them create different niche blogs, e.g. about exercises or SizeGenetics extender or weight loss products.
  • Blog of course can be used as any regular website as long it allows customizing navigation, setting up categories.

What would be the blog strategy that works?

Basically the main goal is to create little blog network of 5-20 blogs that are on close topics to each other as well they should be aiming for low competition search terms. Usually it means either low searched term or also terms that are 3-4 and more words long.

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Successfully Launching and marketing your First Website

Plan your Attack

Before submitting a design request to MN, or building your own site, the first step is to understand your options when creating your site. The kind of site you choose to build will be governed by your sales strategy.
What, Who, How?

It is very important to gain a clear understanding of exactly how and what you want to promote before planning your website. What will you sell? Who are you targeting? What kind of approach will you take?
Once you have a good idea of these you will know what kind of site to create.

For example if you create a site from a “typical users experience” perspective, tracking the day to day progress of a weight loss product then a blog approach could work well. If you plan to review a few products and present lots of information on the subject then a static review site would be best. Read on to learn more on the various types of site:

Blogging services

You can create a site using blogs with free services like, or a paid blog service like Blogs by their nature are great for attracting traffic and funneling further to visitors to review sites or feeder sites. The key function of a blog is to publish information on a regular basis easy and quickly, with little or no technical knowledge.

A drawback of free blogs is that they can create problems for marketers because the service reserve rights to deleting your blog if it is considered inappropriate to their guidelines. For example, they can close your blog if it is considered too commercial – ie, filled with affiliate links or banners.

It’s a different situation when using a paid blog. Paid blog services will be friendlier to affiliate related content than free blogs. Paid blogs are a great solution if you are not able to do any technical tasks except than typing in a program like MS Word.

For these who more advanced users, you can configure the blog to upload to your regular site’s hosting account; however it is not the best option.

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Affiliate Marketing Websites List

Top Online Shopping Affiliate Programs

Online Shopping provides various stuff right in front of our home doors. Many people today consider to shop online. And so affiliates can make big deal out of these shopping websites.

  1. – earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the website. You can earn up to 15% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site.
  2. – For a successful sale, If someone clicks on this promoted link and buys any product on our website, you are eligible for getting 10% of Sale amount to a maximum of Rs. 400
  3. ‎ – Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission for any sales that they generate for us. Affiliates get to choose from a huge selection of product categories.
  4. – affiliate team will help you from day one to make your program a success. Here you will get Best conversion rates in the industry because of lowest rates.
  5. – Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5%
  6. – Affiliates can earn commissions up to 6% on each sale by placing banners, widgets or links on their website. It has one of the largest catalog in India with over 1.7 crore products.

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